North Port


North Port is conveniently located between Tampa and Fort Myers on Florida's west coast. An up-and-coming community, this City is home to more than 56,000 residents - many of which are young families. With more than 10,000 school children and a median age of 38, this City is one of the youngest in the Southwest Florida region. Yet it's youthfulness extends into the mindset of its residents. Inside this 103-square-mile City, North Port residents truly make a difference. North Port is a place that is so fresh and so young, that its future can be shaped into what you make of it.  Another addition is the Atlanta Braves Spring Training Complex opening in 2019. A year-round  facility for Braves players development, training & rehabilitation.  Full service restaurant & venue.  You can also visit

for more information on the Atlanta Braves in North Port

Fun Fact: don't be confused about the address of the New Atlanta Braves, it is just a Zip Code thing, they ARE IN North Port!

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